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Massage In Davidson & Cornelius
In a society of checks and balances, life is demanding! You are your number one asset. Today I invite you to take a break from your overstimulated senses in a hectic fast paced world and journey to sacred space at your core where mind, body and spirit are honored to realign and RECHARGE in Davidson, NC.

popular massage procedures

Swedish Massage

*Most Popular*
Long fluid strokes are used to bring fresh blood and oxygen to the muscles to relieve soreness and reduce stress. Perfect for the newcomer or those who simply wish to maintain good muscle health and achieve relaxation.

Muscular Therapy

*Great For Recovery*
This intense form of bodywork massage consists of focused, concentrated pressure on one or many specific areas of the body. Designed to alleviate tension that extends from a trigger point into an entire muscle.

Strata Fusion

*Best Value*
Seventy five minutes of exclusive signature style massage inspired by a Swedish & Deep Tissue designed specifically to workout kinks and melt tension away. This includes aromatherapy and hot towel treatment.

Prenatal Massage

*A must for any mom-to-be*
The therapeutic, relaxing techniques of Swedish massage tailored to soothe the discomfort of pregnancy. Extra attention is given to the neck, shoulders and lower back as well as swollen ankles and tired feet.